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Successful diversity-based agriculture and a vibrant rural economy offer promising incentives to encourage young farmers to stay on the land. USC helps equip them with the skills, knowledge, and incentive they need to continue in their parents’ footsteps.

The difficulties of small-holder farming today are contributing to an exodus of youth from their family farms and rural communities. Not surprisingly, young farmers see few reasons to stay on their ancestral lands.

Moreover, inter-generational knowledge and learning – the agricultural and environmental knowledge and practices that parents and grandparents share with their children – is decreasing in many areas.

This migration of young people to cities, often slums, and the erosion of knowledge that can keep rural landscapes productive and vibrant, must be addressed. If we’re to avoid irreversible depopulation of the countryside and massive overcrowding of cities, we must provide young people with incentives to stay on the land.

By engaging young farmers in the following activities, USC aims to increase the number of young people who are pursuing diversity-based agriculture as an occupation.


  • Supporting income-generation opportunities and training for young farmers.
  • Supporting youth-managed field crops, biodiversity gardens and school arboretums.
  • Fostering opportunities for intergenerational learning.
  • Working with universities on agronomy curricula and programs that favour agro-biodiversity practices.
  • Providing agro-biodiversity training, exchanges, and learning opportunities for young people.
  • Facilitating leadership training and organizational opportunities for young farmers.
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LottaHitschmanova tbnQu’est-ce qui se cache dans USC?

USC Canada, autrefois le Comité du service unitaire du Canada, a été fondé en 1945 par Lotta Hitschmanova, Ph. D.. Aujourd’hui, nous nous appelons simplement USC Canada – mais nous cultivons encore les semences que Lotta a semées. Pour en savoir plus sur notre fondatrice, Lotta Hitschmanova, veuillez consulter Notre Fondatrice.


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